The Best Lip Gloss Base For All Skin Types

Lip Gloss Base: Lip gloss, lipstick, lip gloss, you name it. These are all terms that can have a different meaning when applied to makeup. What exactly is lip gloss anyway? Is it just some obscure term that you can look up at the cosmetic aisle in a drugstore and then buy from there? Actually, no, it’s more than just a product that can be found in any beauty or fashion store.

Lip gloss is more than just a product you can use on your lips. It’s an essential part of your makeup routine because it helps you achieve the soft and creamy natural liquid lipstick look. Lip gloss base is made with a blend of 3 ingredients: hydroxyl, fatty acids, vitamin E. (and sometimes buy or stearyl alcohol). These ingredients work together to help moisturize, soften, plump, and add shine to your lips. It is also common to find paraffin, mica, or talc in some lip glosses. Paraffin is added to keep the lip gloss from becoming too runny and having a chunky feel to it.

If you are looking for the most popular and well-known lip gloss base, it is the “ceryose” variety. Curer’s Cacao Lip Gloss Base is a highly concentrated lip gloss base used in many cosmetic grade makeup kits. You can purchase this in a very economical lip gloss formula, which will give you the natural creamy look of cocoa butter. This lip gloss base has a smooth consistency that won’t feel like you are wearing a thick liquid, and it doesn’t run or feel sticky on your lips.

The Best Lip Gloss Base For All Skin Types

Some of the other most common lip gloss bases contain synthetic ingredients, including petroleum-based ingredients. Petroleum products, such as petrolatum or mineral oil, will not only leave your lips feeling greasy and unattractive, they will also clog your pores and skin. These products do not allow the natural ingredients in your lips to thoroughly moisturize and provide the moisture your skin needs. Mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the worst kind of lip irritants, and many women suffer from dermatitis or inflamed and itchy skin caused by constant irritation. Other synthetic ingredients in lip gloss bases include parabens and phthalates, which have been linked to cancer development in some individuals. Unfortunately, parabens and phthalates are also listed as ingredients in synthetic makeup. If you choose to use a lip gloss base that contains any of these ingredients, always read the labels.

You can choose a lip gloss base that works well for you if you choose a lip gloss base with natural lip balm. Some of the best natural lip balms are made with Shea butter and coconut oil. These ingredients are moisturizing, have no scent, and are very similar to the skin’s sebum. This means that if you find a lip gloss base that says it is made with Shea butter or coconut oil, you are likely purchasing a lip gloss base made with ingredients that are not good for you. Ramekin is an excellent alternative to Shea butter and coconut oil. Made from a paste of rubella and cocoa butter, it will moisturize your lips while also providing them with the natural lip flavor oil they need.

If you want a lip gloss that will satisfy even the pickiest of consumers, there is another brand that you might want to consider. Revlon has created a lip balm similar to the lip gloss base that is so popular with celebrities. Made with Shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients, the lip gloss in this line is edible, so you won’t feel like you’re just lip lining. The lip balm also comes in a very sheer form, which is perfect if you don’t want to cover your entire lip with the product. There are a few different finishes to the Revlon Miracle Lip Balm line, so even if you do not want to get the colored finish offered with each product, you can still get a beautiful look that will satisfy those who do.