How to Make Delicious Soup With a Sweet Potato Souffle

A sweet potato soup recipe is always a welcome addition to the dinner table, but there are several things you should know before diving in. This hearty soup originated in southern France and Italy, but it has now traveled far and wide and made its way into many kitchens. In this article, I will give you some basic tips on how to make a sweet potato souffle.

Start with sweet potatoes. Normally you would use russet potatoes, but sweet potatoes will do in a sweet potato souffle. You can soak them overnight and then cook them the next day. The soaking does a couple of things for you. It loosens up the starch so that it can be easily folded into a dough by hand, which reduces the chances of having chunks in the finished product.

How to Make Delicious Soup With a Sweet Potato Souffle
How to Make Delicious Soup With a Sweet Potato Souffle

You don’t have to drain the potatoes completely when preparing a sweet potato soup. All you have to do is leave a few behinds and cover them with water, so they retain the liquid until you are ready to eat. Drain them a couple of hours before you are ready to begin cooking.

You want your sweet potato soup to be as light and as creamy as possible. This is what makes this soup so special, as it is not as heavy as other classic soups such as chicken or beef. It is pure food, which can be served cold with bread and butter. Serve with maple syrup or some other sweetener for a sweet potato that’s better than most.

You can use other vegetable stocks or flours in place of the potatoes. Using rice flour or tapioca is a good idea because it doesn’t have a strong odor, and it will give the sweet potato soup a lighter texture and a unique flavor. Using all white flour will result in an extremely rich and creamy sweet potato soup. If you do this, make sure you bake it in a fully preheated oven.

When it comes to cooking the sweet potato itself, there are several methods you can use. One of the best ways to cook the sweet potato is to steam it. Boiling sweet potatoes is not only healthier, but the flavors will remain more intact when using this method. Simply add water to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Add sweet potato and turn the burner to medium-low.

Use a meat tenderizer if needed and let the sweet potato simmer for about 2 hours, stirring often. Check for doneness and then remove from heat. Cool for a couple of hours and then cut into wedges. Place into the slow cooker and add the water and spices, including milk, until the water is simmering. Place on the top of the slow cooker and allow for about an hour or so, turning the cooker once every hour or so.

Let cool and enjoy your delicious sweet potato soup. You will want to add more ingredients as time goes on because the soup may begin to thicken up. The amount of sweet potato you put in your stew should be about twice what you put in the dessert. This ensures that it will have a thick, moist consistency. Give it a few days, and you will have a tasty and healthy sweet potato soup that your entire family will love.

Another way to spruce up this classic soup is to use some shredded carrots, celery, or green beans. You can also substitute ground beef or chicken for the beef fat if it’s not available in your area. A variety of vegetables and grains will be available at any grocery store or natural foods store, and they won’t cost much. Try roasting some vegetables, mixing in some nuts, and grilling your sweet potato soup – this is another way to add flavor without having to use any cream.

If you enjoy eggs, consider cooking up a creamy oatmeal version of sweet potato soup. Mix a few cups of drained, cool, boiled water with one-half cup of freshly grounded nuts or pecans, plus a little more of the juice from the carrots, and pour over the top of a loosely packed semi-heated oven. Set the timer and go to bed – the longer it cooks, the firmer and creamier it will become. Serve immediately when done.

It’s delicious hot or cold. It’s filling and nutritious. It can be the center of your day!