How To Enjoy Vegetarian Keto Diet Recipes

If you’re thinking about following a vegetarian keto diet to shed a few pounds, then I’m sure you’re considering other healthy eating plans as well. But have you ever considered trying a vegetarian, low-carb diet? In particular, the vegetarian, low carb diet. The low-carb diet is all the rage right now, and for a good reason.

Unless you consume dairy and eggs, it is hard to fulfill your protein requirements on even a vegetarian keto diet. However, it will not be easy keeping up with a vegetarian diet while avoiding all the carbohydrates that you need to keep your metabolism going and your blood sugar at constant levels. Lack of protein will lead to muscle loss, you’ll feel more sluggish at rest, and ultimately you’ll burn fewer calories at rest. That’s where fiber comes in.

How To Enjoy Vegetarian Keto Diet Recipes
How To Enjoy Vegetarian Keto Diet Recipes

Besides low-carb all-day vegetarian keto breakfast options, I’d recommend that you include a mid-morning and early afternoon snack. Try placing an unopened bag of baby carrots in a Tupperware container with a little water inside. Slowly boil two cups of water in one pint of vegetable broth. Add a handful of baby carrots and a half of a medium avocado and mix until the carrots are soft and the avocado is still creamy. Drain off the broth and add your veggie snacks.

Another excellent veggie snack idea is to make a tasty yet straightforward oatmeal cookies recipe. While you might not think oatmeal is an acceptable ingredient for cookies, the fiber makes them soft, chewy, and filling. You can substitute any sweetener for the thread that will allow you to include all of the fruit and nuts you want to have. My favorite oatmeal cookie recipe calls for oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla for a delicious taste and satisfying texture.

A vegetarian breakfast idea that’s both easy and delicious is a side of red or green beans. Use fresh black beans if you’re in the mood for something spicy (I prefer a milder salsa instead). If you like something a little bit more healthy, substitute a lentil instead of the bean. Total carbs are less than a gram, so this is a safe and delicious way to begin your day!

For lunchtime, a fantastic vegetarian Ketogenic breakfast choice is a well-balanced vegetarian meal that includes a baked potato and some greens. My favorite veggie potato recipe calls for medium-sized potatoes and a bit of salsa to increase the protein and reduce the fat. You’ll also want to include some extra vegetables for carbohydrates, such as broccoli and a handful of kale. Total carbs are less than a gram, so this is a great, convenient lunchtime snack!

For dinner, try serving up a hearty vegetarian keto lasagna. This tasty dish uses onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic, and spinach to create a spicy yet mild flavor sauce. Using whole-wheat pasta in the sauce gives it extra fiber and helps it to have a shallow glycemic index. Other vegetables you can use are asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, and baby carrots. The total carbs are about 5.4 grams which means that even a vegetarian would eat a sizable portion of this delicious lasagna without feeling hungry or deprived.

As you can see, eating a well-balanced diet full of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is a great way to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. By controlling your consumption of meats and other animal-derived foods, along with including plenty of healthy carbohydrates, you can keep your total daily values well under control. You can always add more vegetables and seeds to your diet to expand your food choices, too. However, these superfoods will help you start creating a nutritious diet menu that is low in fat and full of nutritional value.