What Type of Parrot Can Talk?

What Type of Parrot Can Talk? It often surprises many people that even the smallest parakeet, also called a budgie, can talk and some of the more familiar larger parrot species can even develop vocabularies numbering into the thousands of words. Some budgies have even been recorded to develop vocabularies up to hundreds of words! What’s even more amazing is that these birds are completely able to do this without ever having to utter a single sound. In fact, when a budgie’s feather is plucked, it will produce a scream of pure joy that can be heard over 100 miles away.

The first thing you should know if you’re wondering what type of parrot can talk is that there are several species from which to choose. There are the Indian Ringneck, the African Grey, the Amazons, the Macaw, and the Budgies to name a few. Of these, the African Grey has by far the longest list of possible words, which includes synonyms such as “thrush” and “cotton mouth.” The Amazons, Macaw, and Budgies all belong to the same genus, so all three of these parrots can talk to each other.

What Type of Parrot Can Talk?
What Type of Parrot Can Talk?

Budgies are probably the only exception to the rule that all parrots can’t talk. They do have some unique vocal qualities that set them apart from other parrots. Unlike most other parrots, the Australian Ringneck and the Quaker parrots both have a black upper part that covers their eye area; while the Quaker parrot has a red bottom that may appear more rounded than it really is. The Australian Ringneck also has a red top that can resemble the head of a green tomato. Its body is mostly black with a white belly and gray upperparts.

The African Grey has many physical characteristics that set it apart from other birds. For example, its head is almost as big as its body, which means it can hold its own head in place. While this feature may seem like an unnecessary trait, African Greys are known for being very affectionate. They will flaunt their feathers at any opportunity.

Unlike budgies and some of the other parrot species that cannot produce their own language, African Greys are capable of using human speech when necessary. The Australian Ringneck has been reported to use the words “Good morning” in its charming Australian accent. This bird does not solely use its voice to communicate, though. It also uses its beak and feet to mimic the sounds of conversation.

Budgies are another popular pet among parrots. However, unlike African Greys, budgies do not use their own language to communicate. Budgies only use vocalization to let other birds know that they are happy, sad, or frightened. Budgies are also the smallest of all parrots. They have a head size of three inches, but they can grow to be nearly five inches in length. This makes budgie’s the best talking bird, according to bird lovers everywhere.

If you are looking for a bird that can talk, then probably the only parrot that would suit your needs is the Yellow Parrot. With a compact body size of just one inch, the yellow body is almost as small as a seed. Its yellow head, which is black with dark rings around it, is the perfect complement to its sleek, dark black beak.

The smallest of all parrot breeds is the Eclectus parrots. The average weight for an adult is just two ounces, making it the lightest of all parrot species. This is in contrast to the heavier-set Eclectus birds, which average between seven and ten ounces in weight. The small size is partly due to the lack of physical characteristics of this species, which are actually rather large in comparison to their counterparts. The average wingspan of these birds is only 3.5 inches, which is significantly smaller than the Eclectus’ much longer wingspan of eight to eleven inches.